The Origin of the name of Bozüyük?
Bozuyuk name come from? Bozuyuk, as in many parts of the country, where the name of the geographical features of the earth is. According to the steppe north of the city center and the surrounding hills is a hill. The name of the city, this hill that is the steppe and the city resembles a höyük'e "Bozhüyük" called. Although artificial hills made of clay masonry Hüyükler with nature here, the peak occurred. The cradle of ancient civilizations and the important foundation of the city and many paths to the node point where it was established in accordance with environmental and geographical features became known as Bozhüyük. Sound structure of the mouth and in accordance with the Turks and quick way to say "Bozhüyük" word time "Bozuyuk as " shaped. Lost letter "H" again, instead of many parts of Anatolia and the related locations in the same way hüyükler disappeared. Karayük, Üçüyük, such as Yeşilüyük.

The Place & Borders of Bozüyük
Our country, the northwest district of the province of Bilecik. The north central district, in the northwest town of Marketplace, the northeast town of Willow, in the east province of Eskisehir, Kutahya province in the south, central and Tavsanli county, township and Inegol district is adjacent to the west, Polity. 928 km2 area of the town is 740 meters above the sea level.

Where to go in Bozuyuk?
8km Turbine promenade, Inonu and Metristepe kmdir Memorial 15

Metristepe Glory Statue
The most arduous struggles of the War of Independence, won a major turning point in thewars of İnönü cherish the memories of the martyrsBozuyuk Metristepe'de made to the 24-meterconcrete monument Metristepe were high. Via-in relief at the memorial, the war provides information on the participating troops and commanders. More recently, building a four-man side of the monumentand monument restoration works and historictelegrams containing Wars Inonu separately withfour relief sculptures on the base of the monumentmade of two separate front, around the excavatedtrenches. Metristepe'de, memorial ceremonies are held each year on April l.