Sustainable Tourism


Grand Çalı and Çalı Hotels have adopted a sustainability approach in their production and service activities in order to protect the environment, improve the connection between the natural and social environment, support the local population and leave a more livable world for future generations Dec.

Grand Çalı and Çalı Hotels sustainability approach; It is to use clean and renewable energy sources in all the activities it performs, to ensure energy efficiency, to reduce carbon emissions, to use water sparingly, to prevent waste and waste. Jul.

Grand Çalı and Çalı Hotels, assesses the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts of all activities. It takes care of the needs of the guests, the sector, the environment and the people living in that region. It protects the cultural and natural values in the destinations where it is located and creates employment.

Social, environmental and economic sustainability are areas that actively influence and are influenced by each other and provide efficiency together.

Our sustainability policy;

To turn the sustainability perspective into a company culture and to try to create awareness in this field for both employees and stakeholders,
* To increase resource efficiency in our activities by effectively managing the use of energy and natural resources,
• Minimizing the environmental impact of the materials and products we use by taking into account our effects on the natural environment and biodiversity,
* Reducing greenhouse gases,
* To create high added value to the tourism sector with the products and services we produce,
* To protect the natural and cultural heritage
* To achieve equality without discrimination due to religion, sect, language, race, color, gender, marital status, political opinion, age, physical disability and similar reasons,
* To prioritize the occupational safety and health of our employees and stakeholders,
• To create positive and harmonious working environments that support cooperation in order to ensure that people with different beliefs, thoughts and opinions work together without getting into conflict,
* To create relationships with our employees based on trust and our ethical principles,
• Not to tolerate bribery and corruption in any way,
* To produce projects for the development of the regions where the hotels are located, to increase the welfare level of the society, to advance economically and socially, or to support such projects, to act with the awareness of social responsibility and to contribute to the development of the society,
* To raise awareness by supporting employees to volunteer for social and social activities in which they can take part,
* To increase the employment of local people and to strengthen local people,
* To comply with the relevant legal responsibilities, national and international standards in our activities,
* To increase our sustainability performance by being in close relationship with our suppliers,
* Regularly sharing our sustainability practices with our stakeholders in transparency,
* To provide sufficient human, technological and financial resources to achieve sustainability goals and to use these resources optimally Jul,
• To constantly review and improve the sustainability performance.